Sexaholics Anonymous



Sponsorship Breakout Meeting

Sponsoring members of the No More Excuses Group meet monthly to share our experience, strength and hope within our sponsoring relationships. Each month we cover a different step, and open up the sharing to the current issues we are facing. We welcome all sponsoring members of SA to join our breakout meeting.

For more information, or if you would like to know how to start your own sponsorship breakout meeting:

Please contact Mat A. -

Time: 6:30-7:30am

Dates: (Tuesdays)

  • January 10th, 2017
  • February 7th
  • March 7th
  • April 11th
  • May 9th
  • June 6th
  • July 11th
  • August 8th
  • September 12th
  • October 10th
  • November 7th
  • December 5th